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DEATH'S END: Wiens Gothic † Punk † Rock † Metal † Church.

"Death's † End" (founded in 2016) is an ecumenically oriented Free Church located in Vienna, Austria.

Our next service/get-together ... (#34)

Where: Vienna, Austria.
When: Saturday, xxx xxth, 2023, 3 PM.

Please contact our church office with interest or questions:


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Introduction: About Us.

In our country, there are many who consider "Christianity" nothing more than a bunch of irrelevant and dispensable rituals related to Easter, Christmas, weddings, baptismal services, and funerals, and attempting to talk about it oftentimes induces one of the below-mentioned reactions:

a) Indifference,
b) Hostility.

Furthermore, quite a few people deem themselves disappointed by God, "the Church", or specific "Christians".

"We are positive that ..." e are positive that the "real Christianity" (meaning Jesus of Nazareth's words and actions) is highly essential for any 21st century person: Day by day, year by year media coverage on a mountain of violence of all kinds (being only the visible tip of the iceberg) supplies evidence that something is going terribly wrong and humanity's most precious property - functional interpersonal relationships - keeps being damaged or destroyed. (Who can honestly claim he has never victimized someone and/or has never been victimized? Probably none of us. We all act in ways [or experience actions] that are "not okay".)

We have gathered one or another year of age, and therefore we do know that both life in general as well as fellow human beings in particular may play dirty tricks on you.

An important note:

Becoming a Christian may not save you from situations getting difficult or remaining ugly. We don't want to make empty promises. However, we are positive that making a decision in favor of God/Jesus is the only choice that makes sense in the long term. (Eternity will mean an INCREDIBLY LONG term.)

Our aim is to pick people up in their respective life situations.

Therefore, we pursue the goal to ...

- convey the "gospel" (aka the "Good News") to any interested person - especially to those who favor gothic, punk, rock, and/or heavy metal,

- help them progress in the areas of "self-love", "love of neighbor", and "love of God".

- and, as a result of this, make new, healthy, conducive contacts and rebuild negatively affected relationships.


"What's that to me?"


Life on earth is similar to a soccer game - although its effects are much more significant:

"It is not enough to stand about doing nothing ..." t is not enough to stand about doing nothing, to avoid the "obvious evil" (fouling one's team-mates, scoring own goals). Instead, every participant must know his identity, his purpose and has to perform his task as good as possible.

This is the only way in which each and every one of us can win the "game".

We don't fish for applause: If someone takes notice of the topic "God, Jesus, the Bible and suchlike", wants to become a Christian in further consequence and experiences positive changes in their way of thinking, feeling, talking, and acting in the course of time - then this depends first and last on our Creator's assistance.

Finally - some definitions:

1) "Love":

This term does not refer to hormone-induced sickly sentimentality, but to always treat oneself and/or others respectfully providing the greatest possible quantity of support which is necessary to successfully deal with the situation at hand.

Furthermore "loving" thinking, talking, and acting does not mean to agree with anything every time, but to be focused on the establishment and preservation of interpersonal relationships. "No way!" sometimes turns out to be the most appropriate and only way of expressing "love".

2) "Sin":

Knowing what would be "appropriate" and "necessary" in one's own and/or other people's favor - however omitting to act accordingly. Therefore, the term "sin" gives a one-word description of "behavior which may damage and/or destroy people and interpersonal relationships".


"Why 'Death's † End'?"

Our community's name is equivalent to "resurrection".


"Why Gothic, Punk, Rock, and Metal?"

- gothic rock
- punk rock
- soft rock
- heavy rock

All these musical styles originate in "rock music".

"Our musical range ..." ur musical range certainly exceeds the above-mentioned subcategories. However, since we are not capable of focusing ourselves on the entire world population, people who take to gothic, punk, rock, and metal have, therefore, become our "main target audience".

==> You are interested in God, Jesus, the Bible, a Christian way of life - but you don't like the above-mentioned genres as your personal taste is confined to, for example, fluffy pop music only?

We would like to help you find a community that fits your individual needs. Some more Christian fellowships:

*) Free Churches in Austria. (German-Language Websites)

*) Protestants in Austria. (Mainly in German)

*) Protestant-Methodist Church in Austria. (Mainly German-Language Websites)

*) Loretto Gemeinschaft. (Catholic Fellowship; German-Language Websites)

a) [Official Website]
b) [Geistliches Zentrum Wien]
c) [Community Finder, Contact Form]

*) Old Catholic Church of Austria. (German-Language Websites)

*) The Roman Catholic Church in Austria. (German-Language Websites)

a) [Official Website]
b) [Crash Course on Roman Catholic Beliefs]
c) [Contact Form]
d) [Pastoral Advice Service]

*) Eastern Orthodoxy in Austria. (German-Language Websites)

We ask you to consider the following:

"As to the above-mentioned ..."s to the above-mentioned (free) churches we cannot guarantee 100% "spiritually correct" theology. Being Christians, people gathered in these communities are convinced that Jesus of Nazareth is identically equal to YHWH, the God of the "Old Testament" (aka Tanakh), and that man's access to "God's eternal kingdom" is provided by (genuine) repentance along with having confidence in Jesus's life, death, and resurrection only.

Beyond that there are theological differences. (It is not even safe to say that all Christian members and visitors of a particular community share exactly the same theological views.)

The Bible advises its readers to check all available information and to search for the truth (aka reality; the way things really are) to the best of one's knowledge and belief.

Answering the below-mentioned questions is the main purpose of every human's life on earth:

1) "What do I take Jesus for - a figment, a wise guy, a prophet, a liar, a nutball, a devil in disguise, God Himself?"

2) "Do I want Jesus/God to be the first priority of my life?"

"Why, of all aspects of life, should these two questions be the most important ones?"

Answer - Preliminary Note:

Comparison of  Three Different "Creeds" ...

Christianity: "I believe there is a God."
Atheism: "I dont' believe there is a God."
Agnosticism: "I believe this question cannot be answered."

Christianity: "I believe God became man, died, and rose from the dead."
Atheism: "I don't believe God became man, died, and rose from the dead."
Agnosticism: "I believe this question cannot be answered."

Christianity: "I believe there is a life after death."
Atheism: "I don't believe there is a life after death."
Agnosticism: "I believe this question cannot be answered."

Christianity: "I believe that there is a (God-given) meaning to life."
Atheism: "I don't believe that there is a (God-given) meaning to life."
Agnosticism: "I believe this question cannot be answered."


*) Atheism and agnosticism are spiritual belief systems, and "religions in a wider sense" which may be true or not.

*) Not everybody believes the same, but everyone is a believer. There is no exception. But, due to their opposing views, not all spiritual spiritual belief systems can be true (i. e. the way things really are; reality). Therefore, it is necessary to seek after truth (i. e. the way things really are; reality) - not only in any other area of life but also in terms of spirituality and questions such as "Is there a God? If so, what's His identity? In what way does He see me?".

To be exact:

IN PARTICULAR, with regard to spirituality, an approach like this may be considered only reasonable. Whoever plans on taking a vacation trip of one day to several months in length usually does so right down to the last detail - how much attention should be dedicated to eternity, which is without limit of time, then?

Answer - Main Part:

"It's not "God" all the spiritual ideologies ..." t's not "God" all the spiritual ideologies (with the exception of atheism, agnosticism, and - depending on the particular definition of the term "God" - buddhism) have in common: It's the "question of guilt". Everyone "sins" and is, therefore, in need of "redemption". However, opinions differ on this question.

"Do I have to do something so as to please God (or the 'dharma' or whoever/whatever), or has God done something in my favor?"

If it's true that we have to achieve "redemption" on our own, then you may choose any "legalistic religion" (Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, etc.) and endeavor to observe its (possibly wide) range of regulations impeccably.

However, if God has done something for us, meaning He has taken care of the "question of guilt", then the following words of Jesus apply:

a) "It is finished!"

By this statement Jesus declared Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. as well as - in anticipatory manner - Islam to be false. Whatever "sacrifices" people may consider their "duty" in order to achieve "redemption": The only "sacrifice" which is valid in "God's" opinion has already been made - by means of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

b) "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

*) "Uncertain Justice": Devout Muslims giving their best do not know whether Allah will grant them forgiveness or not.

*) "Merciless Justice": Those who believe in reincarnation do not know when they will have gotten rid of all their good/bad karma or if they will - worst case scenario - stay stuck in the cycle of rebirths forever and ever. Well, the "wheel of life" doesn't care at all about that.

*) "Justice + Love": By becoming man (Jesus of Nazareth) God puts together both aspects - "complete justic" and "deep, ardent love". Therefore, "redemption" which is directed at entire humanity, immediately effective, consummate, and irrevocable can only be found in Christianity, ...



a) (Genuine) Repentance in view of the guilt one has incurred as well as
b) confidence in Jesus' life, death, and resurrection.


... and, furthermore, Jesus/Christianity is the only "God-approved" option in terms of "redemption".


On the basis of the abovementioned answering the questions "What do I take Jesus for?" and "Do I want Jesus/God to be the first priority of my life?" may be considered the most important aspects of life.

It's the meaning of human existence.

"We think the most recommendable approach ..." e think the most recommendable approach is to intellectually study this topic - but also to ask God about His identity. "If you really exist, please show me who you are." A request like this will surely not remain permanently unanswered.

"I have been asking God so many times and for so many years - without ever getting a response!"

Talking with Him about this concern or that dearest wishes, however, nothing happens for a very long time (or maybe never) is familar to us, too.

There are many situations in which God obviously does not behave in the desired way, and the explanation as to His particular decision won't be made known to us before Judgment Day arrives.

But, in terms of His identity, the following applies:

God/Jesus suffered a tremendous quantity of pain as He wants not a single person to spend eternity separated from Him. Therefore, it may be true that God has not provided an answer your question in terms of His identity yet; but for everyone there comes the day of learning of this important piece of information.

"Christians Have No Right to Play Gothic, Punk, Rock, and (in Particular) Metal!"

We take the view that composing songs and writing lyrics are skills which have been given to mankind by their Creator.

(Please note: Just like any talent, these abilities may be used as well as abused. In what way the particular gifted person makes use of them is the artist's decision. It is their decision - as well as it is their responsibility.

We know that quite a few people dislike the term "assuming responsibility". However, it doesn't take a lot of careful thinking about its opposite "acting irresponsibly" to realize that "assuming responsibility" actually means something good.)

"Therefore, rock music ..." herefore, rock music - as well as any other style of music - is not the "property" of a single person or a specific group of people. In fact, it's one of God's inventions given to humans so they can turn a vast number of topics into words and music: romantic love, sex, party! party! party!, violence of all kinds, alcohol, drugs, God, Jesus, Satan, politics, social criticism, karma, reincarnation, atheism, environment protection, animal welfare, vegan cuisine, ...

To put it in a nutshell:

We would be delighted to see the whole world sympathize with our views on "spirituality" and music - however, we accept that some are of different opinion. The very same acceptance regarding our attitude is what we would appreciate.

In the words of Jesus:

"In everything treat others the same way you want them to treat you."
(Matthew 7, 12)

"(Christian) Gothic, Punk, Rock, and Metal Are the Devil's Handiwork!"

Part 1 - Music:

In what way could this allegation (rock music = the devil's handiwork) be proved beyond doubt? What the particular speaker usually wants to point out is this:

"I don't like that kind of music - no matter if the very song supports 'secular' or 'Christian' lyrics."

(By the way: There is no shame in conceding that one doesn't get enthusiastic about this or that. Nobody likes everything. Actually, most people's interests are confined to relatively little - considering what this planet would have in store for them.)

Some may point out that terms such as "gothic", "punk", "rock (music)",  "(heavy) metal (music)", "double bass drum", "blast beat" don't get any mention in the Bible.

Yet, this also applies to "piano", "digital piano", "synthesizer", "acoustic guitar", "electric guitar", "acoustic bass", "electric bass", "banjo" etc. as well as "Christian pop music" (which has become widely accepted and is performed throughout the world). You will find none of these words printed in your Bible copy.

(Generally speaking: What about various comforts of life such as "smartphones", the "Internet" or "motor-operated vehicles"? Unmentioned in the Holy Scripture = Christians must not use them?)

So, let's call a spade a spade:

The musical genres we (don't) like are primarily determined by our natural dispositions as well as our personal experiences.

What is therefore signifcant concerning the particular style of music?

It's the answer to the following question: "Does this kind of music intensify my relationships (myself, the people around me, God), or does it have a negative effect?" That is the same question we should think about when it comes to food and drink, TV and movies, literature, clothing, sports, hobbies, etc.

"Taking into considering that ..." aking into considering that there are many Christians who steadily grow in the areas of "self-love", "love of neighbor", and "love of God" not only but also by listening to gothic, punk, rock, and/or metal, those who are fair-minded must admit:

Any well-composed song belonging to one of these musical genres is
pleasing to God as well as beneficial to its listeners.

See also: 1. Corinthians 6, 12.

Part 2 - Lyrics (and literature at large, respectively):

Lyrics are to be judged by means of the same question we employ regarding music: "Do these lines intensify my relationship with myself, the people around me, and God - or do they have negative effects?" Find the answer to this, and act accordingly.

Encore: What is "more pious", "more pleasing to God", "rather in line with the Bible", "more Christian" ...

a) The "more-is-more" approach: Singing many different verses and lines?

b) The "less-is-more" approach: Repeating one single verse (or maybe even one single line) over and over again - along with chords that never change?

No matter if we decide in favor of option a) or b):

Our choice is primarily determined by our natural dispositions as well as our personal experiences.

"Shouldn't the Lifestyle of Any (Allegedly Christian Rock) Musician Be Taken Into Account?"

No kidding? Nobody who is in possession of their sanity will stalk their favorite artists in general as well as their favorite musicians in particular for the purpose of ascertaining those people's lifestyles may be considered "ideologically correct".

We as a Christian community feel no urge to keep tabs on the lives of those whose musical achievements we utilize in our as well as other people's favor: What we consider essential is ... music and lyrics.

Finally - Isn't it true that the Apostle Paul benefited from "secular" scholar's thoughts?

You see!


"Ask Pastor John: Do We Really Need Musical Worship?" (10:22 min.)


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Chapter 1: Music etc.

1) Playlists Containing Songs Ranging From Pop To Extreme Metal.

2) Various Genres.


*) ChristianIndustrial.Net (24/7 Industrial/Gothic/Techno Radio):

*) Pure Steel (Rock/Metal Radio):


Tuesday, 8:00 - 10:30 PM CET.

Monday, 6:00 - 8:00 PM CET, and Friday, 8:00 - 10:00 PM CET.

*) RadioU (24-7 Metal/Hardcore Punk Radio):

*) Tri-Rock Radio (24-7 Rock/Metal):


*) A Comprehensive List of Christian Punk/Rock/Metal Bands.


*) Christian Record Labels.

a) Facedown Records:

b) Rottweiler Records:

c) Solid State Records:

d) Tooth & Nail Records:

e) Ulterium Records:


*) Jesus Freak Hideout:
One of the world's largest Christian music online resources.


*) "A Christian Metal & Hard Rock Resource."


Subcategory I: Gothic.

*) Christian Gothic on Last.Fm.


Subcategory II: Metal.

*) Wikipedia: Christian Metal.

*) A List of Christian Metal Artists.

*) Another List of Christian Metal Artists.

*) Christian Metal on Last.Fm.

*) Metal-Archives.Com. (Advanced Search - "Christianity", "Active")

*) Links, Reviews, the History of "Christian Metal" etc.

*) The Metal Resource: A Metal Webzine.

*) Christian Metalheads International.

*) Forum #2: The Christian Metal Realm.

*) Metal-Cross: Christian Metal on Youtube.

*) Scandinavian Metal Praise.

        1) Official Website:
        2) Last.Fm:
        3) Facebook:
        4) Spotify:
        5) Youtube:
        6) Soundcloud:


Subcategory III: Punk.

*) Wikipedia: Christian Punk.

*) A List of Christian Punk Bands.

*) A List of Christian Hardcore Punk Bands.

*) Christian Punk on Last.Fm.


Subcategory IV: Rock.

*) Christian Rock on Last.Fm.

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Chapter 2: Events.

*) Elements of Rock. (Switzerland)


*) Freakstock. (Germany)

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Chapter 3: Why God/Jesus?

Spiritual Belief Systems.

1) "Aren't all religions basically the same?"

2) "Making Sense Of God: An Invitation to the Skeptical." (Timothy Keller)

3) "The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism. (Timothy Keller)

Biblical Violence.

1) "Why did God condone such terrible violence in the Old Testament?"

2a) 7 Keys to Understanding Violence in the Old Testament.

2b) Violence in the Old Testament. (Part 1-3 by Lawson Stone)

Jesus of Nazareth.

1a) "What does Daniel 9:27 tell us about when the Messiah would come?"

1b) Why Jesus - German:

1c) Why Jesus - English:

1d) Why Jesus - Available Translations:


1) Why God: On the Origin of Coded Information.
(German-Language Illustration w/ Text)


Left: "One of these days we will detect a little coded signal - then we will know for sure that there is intelligent life in outer space since coded information does not come about by chance."

Right: "The precisely coded information being contained in any (human/animal/plant) cell would fill many volumes ... however, we know for sure that life was not brought about by an intelligent creator."]

2a) Why God: Der Magenbrüterfrosch. (German-Language Article)

2b) Why God: The Gastric Brooding Frog. (English-Language Article)

2c) Why God: Amphibienfische. (German-Language Article)

3) "The Atheist Delusion": An English-Language Movie w/ Subtitles.
(1:01:59 Hrs.)

[Its title may sound insolent to some. However, don't let that keep you from clicking on the link and watching the movie.]

4) Addendum:

*) You are interested in learning more about God, Jesus, the Bible, how to be(come) a Christian?

*) You are interested in getting involved with God, Jesus, being a Christsein - however, you are clueless about how to start?

Feel free to take the below-mentioned for a source of inspiration - what matters is not eloquence but sincerity:

“Dear Father, I realize that I have missed life's purpose many times - the purpose of treating myself as well as my fellow humans with respect. Thank you for affording me forgiveness along with a restart by your incarnation, death, and resurrection.

Furthermore, you know how I have resented the problems in my life, and you know how I have resisted the things that have caused me pain that I can’t change. You know that I’ve asked you many times for an explanation that has never come.

Today, I want to stop fighting you over things I don’t understand. I want to begin the path of personal peace. So I ask you for help. Help me to change the things that I can, and help me to accept the things that cannot be changed. Help me, Jesus, to trust in your loving care when things don’t make sense. Help me to trust that you are a good God and that you have my best interest at heart.

Today, I make an unconditional surrender of all my life to your loving care and control. Please give me your strength and wisdom and peace and purpose.


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Chapter 4: The Bible.

*) The Bible - Biker Edition.

The Bible - Metal Edition.

Where to Purchase the "Metal Bible".

*) Further Special Editions of the Bible in Various Languages.

*) Various Online Translations of the Bible.

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Chapter 5: Literature etc.

Where to Get Christian Literature in Vienna.

*) CBZ/Life Books:

Capistrangasse 5
1060 Vienna

City Map:

*) CVJM Medien:

Märzstraße 4
1150 Vienna

City Map:

*) Öko-Treff im Lichtental:

Lichtensteinstraße 123
1090 Vienna

City Map:

Christian Publishing Companies. (German)

*) Asaph- und Fontis-Verlag:

*) Brendow Verlag:

*) Brunnen Verlag:

*) Christliche Literatur-Verbreitung e. V.:

*) Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft:

*) Gerth Medien:

*) SCM R. Brockhaus im SCM-Verlag GmbH & Co. KG:

*) SCM Hänssler im SCM-Verlag GmbH & Co. KG:

*) SCM-Shop:

*) SCM-Verlag:

*) Verlag der Francke Buchhandlung GmbH:

Christian Publishing Companies. (International)

*) Zondervan:

*) Thomas Nelson:

Recommended Literature.

*) Steve Rowe - "Metal Missionary".
(The Steve Rowe Story.)


1) Available on Amazon (Kindle):

2) Description by the Author:

*) Timothy Keller - "Making Sense of God".
(An Invitation to the Skeptical.)
German-Language Title: Glauben wozu?
(Religion im Zeitalter der Skepsis)


1) German-Language Editions.

a) Digital Copy (Publisher):
b) Physical Copy (Publisher):
c) Various Formats (Amazon):
d) Various Formats (Thalia):

2) English-Language Editions.

a) Various Formats (Publisher):
b) Various Formats (Amazon):

*) Timothy Keller - "The Reason for God".
(Belief in an Age of Skepticism.)

German-Language Title: Warum Gott?
(Vernünftiger Glaube oder Irrlicht der Menschheit?)


1) German-Language Editions.

a) Digital Copy (Publisher):
b) Physical Copy (Publisher):
c) Various Formats (Amazon):
d) Various Formats (Thalia):

2) English-Language Editions.

a) Various Formats (Publisher):
b) Various Formats (Christianbooks):
c) Various Formats (Amazon):

*) Vishal Mangalwadi - "The Book that Made Your World".
(How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization.)
German-Language Title: Das Buch der Mitte.
(Wie wir wurden, was wir sind: Die Bibel als Herzstück der westlichen Kultur.)

German-Language Sample:

1) German-Language Editions.

a) Various Formats (Publisher):
b) Various Formats (Thalia):
c) Various Formats (Amazon):

2) English-Language Editions.

a) Various Formats (ChristianBook):
b) Various Formats (Amazon):

*) Gary L. Thomas - "Sacred Pathways".
(Discover Your Soul's Path to God.)

German-Language Title: Neun Wege, Gott zu lieben.
(Die wunderbare Vielfalt des geistlichen Lebens.)

This book describes strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats of 9 different 'spiritual types'.


1a) English-Language Edition:
1b) German-Language Edition:

2) Purchase German-Language Edition (ePUB) at Thalia:

+ (English/for free)

+ (German/for free)

*) Felsi Heavy - "Angeeckt".
(Von den Wiener Punks in die Goth Clubs von Sao Paulo.)


1) Purchase German-Language Editions at Tredition (Publisher):

2) Purchase German-Language Editions at Thalia:

3a) Purchase German-Language Editions at
3b) Purchase German-Language Editions at

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